In a recent study, the Center for Disease Control stated that if you are experiencing difficulties sleeping, you are not alone. According to the American Sleep Association, 50 – 70 million Americans are affected by varying sleep disorders. As sleep is key to both mental and physical health, it is essential to find sleep solutions that work best for you. While many use over-the-counter sleep aids, others are looking to more natural solutions, like cannabis, to help them get a great night’s sleep.

Cannabis Strains Guide for Sleep

Before testing out cannabis products for sleep, you should always consider that different types of marijuana and different strains are formulated to contain varying types of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds which cause different effects on the mind and body. When choosing the right marijuana strain for you, it helps to be open, curious, and willing to experiment a little. It also helps to know more about the varying types of cannabis and the different marijuana strains.

While some cannabis strains offer energizing effects, others provide more calming experiences. This cannabis strain guide will outline the benefits of each cannabis strain to help you discover which type may provide you with better sleep. 

There are three main types of cannabis: Indica, Sativa, and a mix of both, commonly referred to as Hybrid. Indica strains typically affect the body and are known to promote feelings of relaxation and sedation. Sativa strains affect the mind, thoughts, and emotions and are known to promote feelings of creativity and focus, while reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. Finally, Hybrid strains are formulated by crossing different types of cannabis, usually making one type of cannabis more dominant than the other. Hybrid types of cannabis can create various effects. Marijuana dispensaries may divide the three types of cannabis listed above into different strains to provide more focused benefits. 

Below you will find a cannabis strain guide to help you learn more about some of the best strains for sleep. While the list contains some of the most popular cannabis strains for sleep, there are many similar marijuana strains that are not on this list which we have available on the Neighborgoods website.

Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep

These are just a few of the best, most popular cannabis strains for sleep. If you are new to THC, it may be wise to start small and try a few different options before settling in on which works best for you. Be patient with the process and with yourself. Once you find the perfect fit for your cannabis sleep routine, you’ll be enjoying sweet dreams for many nights to come. 

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