Neighborgoods flower is the heart of it all. Our medical cannabis is grown with loving care and attention to every bud, providing patients with high-quality, fresh flower. Expertly cultivated and hand-trimmed at the point of perfection, our Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains bring brilliant buds bursting with flavor and terpenes. 


Our unique live resin gummies are full spectrum, vegetarian and gluten-free friendly, and contain zero additives. Infused with liquid live resin, these gummies are terpene and cannabinoid rich. Our Uplift Sativa and Unwind Indica gummies are available in 110mg or 550mg packs. Our Relief gummies offer 1:1 THC:CBN & 2:1 CBD:THC options, available in a 110mg packs. Tasting like they were plucked straight from the local community garden, we offer most of our flavors in both Indica and Sativa—giving you what you need and the flavor you want.


Our live concentrate is made using fresh-frozen cannabis from premium whole-flower. Always hand crafted and prepared small batches, we protect the terpenes and natural character of the plant in each product. These concentrates are sourced from a single strain and have zero additives. 


Our distillate vapes contain the cleanest cannabis oil distillate. Blending pure cannabinoid distillate with the highest quality terpenes available, these small batch, classic strains produce a smooth experience. Built using CCELL’s high performing, ceramic heating technology, Neighborgoods distillate vapes provide the highest quality flavor and are compatible with 510 battery threads.  


We proudly produce a premium live resin vaping experience. Our live resin vapes are made from fresh-frozen, whole flower extracts, capturing even the most capricious cannabinoids and terpenes. Using CCELL’s EVO cartridges, with its medical-grade stainless steel center post, BPA-free thermoplastic body, and optimized heating technology, Neighborgoods live resin vapes create a sensory experience like no other. Compatible with 510 battery threads, expect full-bodied flavor in every smooth exhale.