When purchasing marijuana, the first thing you’re likely thinking about is how to use it, but you may be surprised to know that how you store your cannabis is just as important as how you use it. In other words, leaving your marijuana out on your kitchen counter isn’t the best idea. Marijuana flower doesn’t have an expiration date, but the quality will diminish if it isn’t stored properly. 

If you don’t know the best ways to store your weed, check out these do’s and don’ts from Neighborgoods, because storing it properly allows you to keep it fresh, so that you have a great experience every time you use it. 

Store Your Weed at the Right Temperature

Storing your cannabis flower at the right temperature is more important than you think. When marijuana is stored at too high a temperature it dries out the buds and it can diminish the terpenes, which causes it to taste harsh and unpleasant. Storing marijuana at temps that are too high can also invite unwanted mold and mildew to grow. 

Conversely, storing cannabis at temperatures that are too cold can also impact the quality. When it’s stored at colder temps, marijuana terpenes are also impacted and some of the cannabinoid content of the flower can degrade. 

To make sure you keep your quality fresh and pleasant, Neighborgoods advises both medical marijuana patients and adult-use customers to store cannabis around 55 to 65 degrees. Anything warmer or cooler can ruin the experience. 

Don’t Expose Your Marijuana to Air or Light

When we say not to leave your cannabis out on the counter, we mean it. Exposing your marijuana to air can dry it out, which may speed up the degradation of the cannabinoids and terpenes. Additionally, exposing your cannabis to too much UV light may have a similar effect. We highly recommend storing your marijuana flower away from direct light in an opaque container. 

Consider the Humidity

Much like too much heat, too much humidity can be bad for your marijuana. Higher humidity levels can invite mold and mildew growth, which will ruin your cannabis. Alternatively, lower humidity levels can dry it out, which breaks down cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial parts of your cannabis flower. 

When it comes to storing your marajuana, maintaining the right humidity levels is crucial. Storing it at a relative humidity (RH) between 54 and 63% is recommended. 

What To Store Your Cannabis In

For those of you who don’t own the perfect humidor or who live in climates that are overly dry or humid, it might make it easier to consider finding a good container in which to store your cannabis flower. Mason jars are very popular because they have a very tight seal. Having said that, mason jars are also see-through, so UV light may get through them and damage your buds. While there may be some mason jars available that guard against UV light, you may want to simply store your cannabis in a dark place, like a closet or cupboard. 

When you invest in good cannabis for your personal health and wellness, it’s important to store it properly. The general rule when it comes to storing your marijuana flower is to keep it in an airtight container in a cool, dark, and dry place. We hope this information about properly storing your cannabis was helpful. Find us in stores at several different Massachusetts and Ohio dispensaries.